how-bikers-church-startedbikers-church-icon-black How Bikers Church started:

In April 2010, four brothers from CMA UK went to South Africa for the S.A. National Rally. They came back with a vision for Bikers Church in the UK - and their enthusiasm was infectious.

This vision was for a 'Full Gospel' church, run by bikers for bikers.

Within weeks, a Methodist Minister had also caught this vision and offered them the use of her church building. Thus, CMA Bikers’ Church became a reality.

The first meeting was in September 2010. Since then, Bikers Church has seen between 65 and 100 people attending every month.

CMA is a Christian ministry whose members take the Good News of hope in Jesus Christ everywhere bikers frequent: Bikers Church is a place where all kinds of bikers can experience a welcome.

We aim to extend God’s love to all-comers, making Bikers Church somewhere to belong, amongst believers who accept you, irrespective of your background or past.