how-bikers-church-startedbikers-church-icon-black How Bikers Church started:

In April 2010, four brothers from CMA UK went to South Africa for the S.A. National Rally. They came back with a vision for Bikers Church in the UK - and their enthusiasm was infectious.

This vision was for a church that proclaimed the full message of Jesus Christ, believed that the whole Bible is the Word of God, and was guided by the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, it would be run by bikers, for bikers.

Within weeks, a Methodist Minister had also caught this vision and offered them the use of her church building. Thus, CMA Bikers Church became a reality.

The first meeting was in September 2010. Since then, Bikers Church has seen between 65 and 100 people attending every month.

CMA is a Christian ministry whose members take the Good News of hope in Jesus Christ everywhere bikers frequent: Bikers Church is a place where all kinds of bikers can experience a welcome.

We aim to extend God’s love to all-comers, making Bikers Church somewhere to belong, amongst believers who accept you, irrespective of your background or past.