Statement Of Faith

bikers-church-icon-black We base our faith on some core beliefs, which are that:

  • The Bible represents God’s words recorded by human authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and, as such, it is complete and wholly trustworthy.
  • The Bible announces the only way of salvation (which is through Jesus Christ). "God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die." (John 3:16)
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour.
  • The church throughout the world is the community of all who believe and trust in Jesus Christ. God has called his church into a missionary relationship with others in the world.

bikers-church-icon-black The Bible says that God created all things ‘good’, but that his image in people and his glory in Creation are stopped from shining clear and true by sin. Sin represents those things that separate us from God and it is related to our human condition. Because of our sin, we are all subject to God's judgement and, because of our fractured human condition, we are helpless to save ourselves.

bikers-church-icon-black The one living God has acted in love for our salvation. God the Father sent Jesus Christ, the Son, to be our Saviour. God the Son gave himself in full knowledge that this meant he must sacrifice his life to pay for our salvation.

bikers-church-icon-black No one can come to the Father except through the Son. There is no salvation outside of the Lord Jesus Christ as he is revealed in Scripture.

bikers-church-icon-black Salvation is by grace (a free gift, undeserved and unearned) and comes through faith alone.

bikers-church-icon-black God the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth) brings into us all truth, including the blessings which Christ won for us.

bikers-church-icon-black The Holy Spirit shows us the way to repentance, faith, and new life, made evident by the fruits of a maturing Christian character in the community of believers. We are sustained by the Holy Spirit through the hearing and doing of God's Word and works.

bikers-church-icon-black At Bikers Church, Baptism and Communion (which is when we share bread and wine - also known as the Lord's Supper) are seen as ‘covenant signs’, God's promises made visible. When rightly received, God uses these to strengthen our faith and affirm our blessings in Christ.

bikers-church-icon-black According to His will, the Holy Spirit gives gifts (like healing and encouragement) and ministries (ways of serving him to benefit others) to his people so that they may build each other up under the authority of Scripture and Jesus Christ, to worship and serve God and to love one another.

bikers-church-icon-black All believers are priests under one Lord, having direct access to God through Jesus Christ as our High Priest: there is no other mediator.