Why Bikers Church

bikers-church-icon-black Bikers Church is a church run by bikers and is primarily, but not exclusively, for bikers, their families and communities.

bikers-church-icon-black A traditional Church is not always an environment where bikers feel comfortable. We understand that and cater for it, so you’re welcome in your leathers (and waterproofs)! Just come as you are.

bikers-church-icon-black By placing bikers at our centre, we are able to present Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour among those who, like us, have found great personal fulfilment on two wheels and take pleasure in the company of other motorcyclists.

bikers-church-icon-black Bikers Church is well-positioned to meet your needs whether in the form of personal support at difficult times, or in the more traditional sense of ‘hatches, matches and despatches’.

bikers-church-icon-black Whatever your requirements, we hope that you will find both understanding and good humour in our fellowship.