Benevolent Fund

benevolent-fund-logobikers-church-icon-black What’s the fund for?

The Fund's purpose is to show the love of Jesus in a practical way by offering comfort and support.

It is for people who ride motorbikes (and/or their dependants), and who are in hardship or distress as a result of injury, serious illness or death.

bikers-church-icon-black How does the fund work?

The Leadership Team of Bikers Church expects that ‘word of mouth’ will play the most important role in bringing possible causes to their attention. They administer the Fund and adjudicate on all suggestions. However, it is the role of the CMA Officers nearest to the recipient to visit them with the offer of comfort, assistance and a gift, financial or in kind, whichever is deemed most appropriate in the circumstances.

All those who attend Bikers Church are encouraged to support the fund with donations, for which we are continually grateful. The Treasurer of Bikers Church receives all income and keeps a record showing the income and expenditure of the Fund.

bikers-church-icon-black Who can receive help?

Initial suggestions for beneficiaries should be made to the Leadership Team, either in person or via e-mail. Please remember, though, that the anonymity of the person being assisted will always be maintained.

Please use the Benevolent Fund. You don’t have to be a CMA member to propose a beneficiary or to receive help. It is here to help people who may need it.

Contact - Di Raven